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Editing Services

Are you looking for someone to edit your writing? Let me help you! 

What's my experience?

I have an MA in English (University of Toronto, 2018) and a BA (Honours) in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing (University of Regina, 2016). I am the current Poetry Editor for untethered magazine, and was the Associate Prose Editor and the Managing/Poetry Editor for Windscript Magazine volumes 37 and 38. I have also completed two online editing courses from Simon Fraser University (Editors and Editing: An Introduction and Grammar), and in 2021 I attended two events at The FOLD's Virtual Festival on editing (Anti-Oppressive Copy Editing and Decolonizing Editing). In addition, I have edited graduate-level papers in English, creative writing, and law, as well as grant applications and cover letters. Regarding my own writing, my poetry has been published in numerous journals and magazines; I regularly review books; and I have published a children's book (see the Literary CV and About tabs for full info). 

What's my editing style?

I would describe my editing style as thorough, considerate, and conscientious. And I would say that I approach editing with kindness, remembering that everyone comes from various backgrounds, education levels, traumas, cultures, and lived experiences. I'll work collaboratively with you to help make your work even more amazing. 

How can I help your writing? 

By offering substantive or stylistic edits, copy editing, or proofreading

What types of writing can I help with?

  • individual poems

  • book reviews 

  • poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and children's book manuscripts (any stage from drafting to proofreading to sequencing)

  • blog/website/social media posts

  • resumes, CVs, cover letters, and grant applications

  • most things with words (depending on your project)

How much does it cost?

It depends on your project (i.e., length, timeline, standard/difficult text, stage of writing, expectations, etc.). Please use the email form on the Contact page to inquire---I'll be happy to talk with you about your project and provide you with a quote. (To give you a general idea, please check out these links from Editors Canada: Editing Times and Hourly Rates)

What are some nice things writers have said about me? (aka testimonials):

"You really made my day with your positive, affirming comments on my poem! I think each edit is strong, and your suggestions all resonate with me. You have an eagle eye! I really appreciate the editing—it makes the poem stronger." - untethered poetry contributor 

"Thank you so much for taking the time to be so careful with my poem, and for your kind words—it made my day to know you enjoyed such a personal piece of mine." - untethered poetry contributor

"Many thanks to Elena for her great editing work" - untethered prose contributor 

"Thank you to Elena, for helping me improve on my poetry skills and working on my submission with me. I have learned so much from her." - Windscript poetry contributor 

"Huge thanks to Elena Bentley, who worked with me as an editor to make this piece as best as it can be." - Windscript prose contributor

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